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Location: 22 Airline Street, NE Atlanta, GA 30312
Units: 29 Units Total; HDDC is offering studio, 1, 2, & 3 BR

Acres: .552 (Approximate)

Available: Summer 2021

  • In June 2018, HDDC entered into a joint venture agreement with Capital City Real Estate ("CCRE") in the development of 29 townhomes at 22 Airline Street

  • HDDC owns the ONLY affordable and below market rate units within the development

  • HDDC is introducing a pilot Long Term Affordable Shared Equity Homeownership Program. HDDC is selling Deed Restrictive Homeownership units at an affordable rate that will last forever. Our program provides the borrower with the necessary tools to not only obtain homeownership but also maintain their new responsibilities. HDDC has partnered with Resources for Residents and Communities, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the community through programs designed to enrich the lives of metro Atlanta residents.

  • Shared equity homeownership programs facilitate broader access to affordable, low-risk homeownership opportunities for low-income families.




  1. Step One - Apply
    Apply at and
    watch Grounded Solutions Online webinar then
    Contact at

  2. Step Two - Qualify for mortgage
    Obtain a pre-approval from one of our approved or preferred lenders. This involves completing a mortgage application and providing the lender with your income documentation and personal records. 
    Obtain Term Sheet from HDDC via request form email:

  3. Step Three - Select a Home
    Schedule a time to tour the units with our realtor

  4. Step Four - Sign up for Homeownership Counseling sessions via
    Pre Homeownership Counseling
    Eight Hour HUD Approved Course
    Post Homeownership Counseling Session

  5. Step Five - Close
    You've found your dream home, your offer has been accepted, the financing is in place, and you've obtained your Homeownership Counseling certificates
    Now, there's just one more key step in the process - closing!

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