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Affordable Housing

The HDDC affordable housing program focuses on pursuing redevelopment projects that promote growth, inclusive and equitable communities, and long-term affordability in the Sweet Auburn Historic District. Our "block by block” strategy is a national best practice in neighborhood revitalization and is a key driver of our home-building projects. We build new homes on vacant lots and rehabilitate existing dilapidated structures.  

Shared Equity

We are currently piloting our shared equity homeownership program. With the shared equity approach, we make sure homes stay affordable long-term, allowing more families the opportunity to use homeownership as a vehicle for wealth creation.


In 2018, we partnered with Capital City Real Estate on the development of Flats at the Indie, giving us ownership of the only affordable and below-market-rate units in the complex.


We sold our first home in the shared equity program at the Flats at Indie in February of 2022.


Affordable Rentals

We provide affordable multi-family units at our Henderson Place property, as well as single-family rental units for qualifying residents. We will also be adding new affordable units for rent with the completion of our Front Porch project.


We will be revitalizing our Henderson Place property so we are not leasing new units at this time. For more information on our single-family units, please contact our property management team here or text 404-856-6521.

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Notable Projects

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Urban Agriculture

Our urban agriculture program focuses on providing access to fresh and affordable foods and creating collaborative initiatives with farmers, local business owners, and local residents to build an urban agricultural ecosystem. 


Our Urban Farming & Agriculture Catalyst: Front Porch  


The Front Porch development is the first catalytic project on Auburn Avenue in 15 years and includes new ground-up construction and the renovation of two existing historic retail buildings along Auburn Avenue. Front Porch is a community-driven development project that will combat social and racial inequality. It infuses key elements of environmentally and economically sustainable infrastructure, urban agriculture, and commerce into the neighborhood economy.


  • Program Activities will include: 

  • Creating opportunities for black urban farmers 

  • Creating pop-up farmers’ market

  • Building relationships for farm-to-table with restaurants

  • Facilitating garden installations

Notable Projects

Arts & Culture Program

We believe that advocating for arts and culture is essential for preserving the cultural significance of the Old Fourth Ward and Sweet Auburn Historic District. The Arts & Culture program focuses on the integration and celebration of art and culture within our spaces.  Our properties and the surrounding environment are platforms for our exhibits, performances, and other cultural experiences meant to enhance the lives of our community.  


Program activities include:

  • Developing visual arts venues with affordable space for artists at HDDC properties

  • Sponsoring visual arts events

  • Developing Artist-in-Residence program

  • Developing O4W/SAHD neighborhood tours

  • Developing opportunities for storytelling

  • Ensuring community inclusion in the program development and implementation


In 2019, we renovated the historic Haugabrooks Funeral Home and turned it into a community event space and art gallery. As a part of the Front Porch campus, Haugabrooks serves as a cultural hub for the neighborhood. We frequently host art-focused events and programs in the space. 


Notable Projects

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S.A.G.E. District

The Sweet Auburn Green and Equitable District, or S.A.G.E., is envisioned as a holistic strategy for driving sustainable redevelopment and investment in our communities, by our communities.


As a community development organization, we recognize ourselves as one piece of a larger economic development puzzle in the Sweet Auburn District. 


We understand the interconnected nature of affordable housing, homelessness, education, health & wellness, job opportunities, transportation, food insecurity, and environmental sustainability. The gains we’re making on affordable housing are only as sustainable as the gains being made on the fronts of all disparities. 

Urban Agriculture
Affordable Housing
Arts & Culture
S.A.G.E. District
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