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Property Background 

  • Location: 514 Irwin Street NE Atlanta, Georgia 30312

  • Built in 1951 during the period of decline in the Old Fourth Ward, offering simple, spartan living conditions. Construction type is uninsulated cinder block with concrete slab floors intended to be low-maintenance

  • HDDC acquired the property in 1995 and preserved the buildings specifically to provide affordable housing, and to convert a property notorious for criminal and drug activity, both key components of its neighborhood revitalization strategy

  • The properties were given the name Henderson Place, to honor the legacy of Ms. Valena Henderson, a long-time resident of the Old Fourth Ward and an active participant during the civil rights movement led by Dr. King

  • Since 1995, HDDC has been able to provide low-cost rental homes for families earning 50% AMI and below (approximately $25-27,000/year) at Henderson Place

  • Currently a total of 44-1BR and 14-2BR units in the complex.

  • Renovation completed in 1997 and refreshed in 2011

before 1997.png


after 1997.png


Henderson Place Redevelopment Project

HDDC and Mercy Housing SE understand how critically important affordable housing options for low-income households are in the Old Fourth Ward and the Landmark District, now one of intown Atlanta’s priciest neighborhoods, although not just here – homes affordable to families earning (50% AMI and below) are in critically short supply in Atlanta’s city-wide housing market. 

It is vitally important for the property to remain affordable housing, but the current buildings no longer offer that option sustainably. Additionally, as organizations committed to equity for all Atlantans, we believe that providing quality and comfortable housing at affordable costs ensures the dignity and well-being of our neighbors and allows our community to thrive.​​

henderson rendering.png
Site Plan.png

Henderson Homes are set for a mission-based redevelopment with Mercy Housing SE. The new Henderson Place will provide a mixed-use development with 76 apartment homes. These homes will be available at affordable rents at an averaging of 60% AMI to continue providing housing options for the Old Fourth Wards’ long-standing low-income residents and new residents. Most Henderson Place residents are single mothers – it is imperative to maintain affordable housing for families that would otherwise be displaced and excluded from amenities of upcoming development projects.

Project Details:

  • Partner with Mercy Housing Southeast to expand affordable housing options

  • Commercial space for proposed grocery store/community market

  • Property is within walking distance of Hope Hill Elementary and David T. Howard Middle School

  • (76) units: mix of Efficiency, 1-BR, 2-BR, 3-BR

  • $25.8 Million estimated development cost

    Financing: variety of sources, including Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity, Urban Residential
    Finance Authority Tax-Exempt Bonds, Invest Atlanta Eastside TAD grant, Atlanta Housing
    Opportunity Bonds, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta TogetherATL grant

  • Rezoned from R-5 to MRC-1 in 2021

  • Existing residents were temporarily relocated and will retain a Right-to-Return

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Will residents be displaced?

    • No. A relocation specialist has been hired to manage the relocation of residents during renovation and ALL residents will be offered the first right of return upon project completion. Residents will receive assistance locating temporary housing and all moving costs along with rent differential will be covered. 

  • Why does the site need to be razed?

    • The buildings have outlived the last renovation by HDDC and begun again to deteriorate.

    • The low-maintenance qualities of the buildings have become irredeemable maintenance liabilities, and they violate numerous code and accessibility requirements.

    • Henderson Place has always operated on a razor thin financial margin because of the low rents and high operational costs, but now rising maintenance and capital costs for repairs and upkeep have forced the property into an unsustainable financial situation with no simple or cost-effective solution. 

    • HDDC and Mercy Housing Southeast propose to demolish the properties’ existing buildings due to the financial, structural, maintenance, and design difficulties they now present.

  • What is the renovation timeline?

    • Groundbreaking and Demolition: end of March 2024

    • 100% Construction Completion: June 2025

    • 100% Occupancy: December 2025

  • How can we get more information or direct questions? 

    • HDDC will be frequently updating our website with additional information as it becomes available. 

    • If you have immediate questions, you may contact  Renee Adams, Operations Manager,

  • What is the parking plan?

    • There will be 12 on-site parking spaces.

    • Additional parking is available on nearby streets and discussions are underway to ensure access to the MLK Jr. National Park Visitor’s Center parking lots across Boulevard.

  • What will change in the renovation? 

    • The property will be redeveloped with a four-story 82,000sf mixed-use and affordable mixed-income housing development. The residential component will include 76 rental homes, with a mix of (3) 3-BR, (29) 2-BR, (35) 1-BR, and (9) Studio unit sizes. 

    • 100% of the units will be affordable for households earning less than 60% of AMI

      • households with a range of incomes and family sizes will have access to the full mix of unit types. 

    • A street-level commercial component of approximately 3,200sf is planned for lease to a neighborhood market, filling another need in the community.


About HDDC


HDDC is one of Atlanta’s oldest and most successful non-profit Community Development Corporations, co-founded by Ms. Coretta Scott King to protect and equitably revitalize the neighborhood around the King birth home. HDDC is dedicated to preserving the availability of affordable housing in the Old Fourth Ward. For nearly four decades, HDDC has been a catalyst for equitable urban revitalization in Atlanta and continues to serve now the only non-profit organization specifically as the bridge between Sweet Auburn’s storied past and the Old Fourth Ward’s bright future.

Mercy Housing.png

About Mercy Housing Southeast


Mercy Housing Southeast is the regional office of one of the largest, most experienced affordable housing providers in the country, with numerous properties in Atlanta. A national non-profit organization, Mercy Housing handles every aspect of the affordable housing process, from project financing and housing development to community outreach and long-term resident services, and will partner with HDDC to redevelop Henderson Place.

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