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HDDC works as a community development corporation created to convene and empower residents, business owners and other key stakeholders to bring about change in the Sweet Auburn Historic District and other neighborhoods and communities facing similar community development issues.  We secure, develop and invest resources that improve the overall quality of life of our community members.  We take a dual approach of directly managing programs as well as partnering with like-minded organizations that provide services that complement our program work.  

Below are highlights of just some of the programs that HDDC engages in.


Affordable Housing 

The HDDC affordable housing program focuses on pursuing redevelopment projects that promote growth,  inclusive and equitable communities and long-term affordability in the Sweet Auburn Historic District. 


HDDC "block by block” strategy is a national best practice in neighborhood revitalization and is a key driver to our home building projects.  We build new homes on vacant lots and rehabilitate existing dilapidated structures.  


This approach has uniquely positioned us to become a national showcase for revitalizing historic communities through our innovative urban placemaking work that provides low-income residents the opportunity to have an equitable stake in that growth.


HDDC has a primary target area - the M.L.K. Jr. Historic District and closely linked neighborhoods. As the focal point for the Civil Rights Movement, this community had a unique historic perspective and it is our responsibility to preserve its heritage.

We advocate for the following changes that can address housing issues more broadly: 

  • Zoning reform to reduce practices tied to segregation 

  • Increase homeownership of African-Americans to address wealth gap

  • Subsidy reform and accountability measures to prevent segregation


Program Activities: 

  • Creating affordable rental housing/ subsidies

  • Creating affordable home ownership program/subsidies

  • Creating community land trust

  • Providing expert consulting on developing inclusive and equitable communities

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Urban Agriculture

HDDC urban agricultural program focuses on providing access to fresh and affordable foods and creating collaborative initiatives with farmers, local business owners and local residents to build an urban agricultural ecosystem. 


Our Urban Farming & Agriculture Catalyst: Front Porch  

Front Porch development is the first catalytic project on Auburn Avenue in 15 years and includes new ground up construction and the renovation of two existing historic retail buildings along Auburn Avenue. Front Porch is a community-driven development project that will combat social and racial inequality. It infuses key elements of environmentally and economically sustainable infrastructure, urban agriculture, and commerce into the neighborhood economy.


Program Activities:  

  • Creating opportunities for black urban farmers 

  • Creating pop-up farmers’ market

  • Building relationships for farm-to-table with restaurants

  • Facilitating garden installations

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Arts & Culture Program

HDDC believes that advocating for arts and culture is essential for preserving the cultural significance of the Old Fourth Ward and Sweet Auburn Historic District.  The Arts & Culture program focuses on the integration and celebration of art and culture with our spaces.  Our properties and the surrounding environment are platforms our exhibits, performances and other cultural experiences meant to enhance the lives of our community.  


Program Activities:

  • Developing visual arts venues with affordable space for artists at HDDC properties

  • Sponsoring visual arts events

  • Developing Artist-in-Residence program

  • Developing O4W/SAHD neighborhood tours

  • Developing opportunities for storytelling

  • Insuring community inclusion in the program development and implementation

Historic Haugabrooks


Haugabrooks has significant historical and cultural presence within the Sweet Auburn corridor, so it is imperative that HDDC upholds its influence moving forward. Mrs. Geneva Morton Haugabrooks established this multi-million-dollar company and she and her family operated for a century prior to HDDC's purchase in 2019. Aside from being well known as one of the few black woman entrepreneurs on Auburn Avenue, her establishment still proves to be one of the most distinguished business anchors in the corridor. 


HDDC honors Mrs. Haugabrooks' legacy of community leadership and our mission by providing meeting space to nonprofit organizations and community partners at a reduced rate. The venue also doubles as an exhibition studio for artists and photographers to display their work as a part of HDDC's Arts and Culture program outreach. 


Collective Impact Programs

Sweet Auburn Green & Equitable District (“SAGE”) is envisioned as a coordinated and holistic strategy to drive sustainable redevelopment and investment in our neighborhood that benefits all stakeholders and residents along the Sweet Auburn corridor.

Our Mission
Urban Agriculture
Affordable Housing
Arts & Culture

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